Saturday, December 5, 2015

My barn friends are a terrible influence

I've had a long history of being "the lesson kid."  I started lessons in the mid-90s, and aside from a brief interlude after college where my instructor of 10 years quit giving lessons and finding someone I could ride with was too much trouble - I've always had lessons.

About five years ago, I accidentally connected with someone about an hour away who was happy to have me come up and putter around on her horses whenever I made it out there.  I've cuddled with a lot of her beasties, and finally ended up befriending a big bay mare - which I totally have a weakness for bay mares, particular ones with lots of hair.

And, well...

Hair, she has.

And after five years and one thing and another, my barn owner friend started threatening to sell her to me.

Around the same time, this little guy was born:

And while I won't say I immediately fell in love... little boy is fancy.  And when I commented one day that if I could steal one of this year's foal crop, he would be the one, his breeder (one of my barn friends) said, "You know, we could make you a deal... And if you have two horses instead of just one, then you've got a built-in buddy system..."  And I couldn't stop thinking about it.

So as of December 5, 2015, I now own two bay horses.  Two unbroke bay horses, because it's not bad enough that I'm going from one horse to two - neither one of them has much more training than halter/trailer/farrier.

I know from past experiences that I am actually kind of a terrible blogger, so this is going to be more of a journal of "things I did with my horses" than anything else.  Readers and commenters welcome, though!