Sunday, February 28, 2016

Shiny new bridle

Long ago, in the misty days of lesson kid, I had this horrendous, insane riding instructor.

When I say "horrendous, insane" - this was the woman that almost convinced several horse-crazy teenagers that they never wanted to ride again.  It was bad.  The singular good thing that came out of that whole mess was a super-cheap dressage saddle (with all the fittings) that my parents were persuaded to buy for me shortly before my instructor finally realized we weren't buying a horse from her and proceeded to lose her ever-loving mind.

I kept that thing for years.  When I say cheap - if I remember correctly, we paid $250 in the mid-to-late 1990s.  The girth eventually stretched out from a 28" to 34" and had to be repaired at least twice.  I had to spend some time fixing the color on the panels, as the black saddle turned brown where my legs sat.  For what it was, it was a good saddle; it fit most horses well enough for the lessons I was doing, and it was mine.

I finally sold it a couple of years before I started riding at the current barn, and used that money and a some extra cash from an old savings account to buy a Courbette all-purpose.  It's a lovely dark brown, and I have a girth and stirrup leathers to match.  I also accidentally found a pair of split reins that match beautifully.

Conveniently, the AP fits Cessa.  This... may have lead to me determinedly haunting eBay until I found a brown Courbette bridle that would also fit her.  Maybe.  The browband's too small, but I was planning to get or make a beaded one anyway...