Saturday, July 15, 2017

Left turn

It's been a weird couple of weeks, between my SO traveling, a car accident, an attempted fight with my mother, rain keeping us home from the barn, and... well... this!

Wednesday, while I was taking my husband to pick up his vehicle after the bodywork, I get a message from my BOs.

Justice is seeing the vet.  Will have more information in a little while, but he and his half-sister are having vision issues.

Uh... huh...

So it turns out that early during the week, they went to move the babies to a different paddock, and Justice and his half-sister were running into things and generally acting like blind horses.  On closer inspection, Jus had one cloudy eye and one eye that had a cataract - "like it was full of milk."  His half-sister, who's had eye issues off and on for the last six months since she managed to injure one of them, had two very cloudy eyes.  The other half-sister was perfectly fine, somehow.

Vet's verdict is that it could be moon blindness, glaucoma, or one of three bacteria (one of which is leptospirosis), and since the treatment for the lepto covers the other cases (except maybe the glaucoma?)... well, we can do a $250 test, or we can treat.  Lepto also seems most likely, since we've had an unusually wet spring and summer, and those are prime conditions for it.

Prognosis is guardedly good.  The cloudy eye should clear up post-haste and the cataract may or may not go away.  Worst case is, of course, blindness; best case is that the cataract goes away entirely.  The most likely case, per the vet, is that he may have some blurriness in the vision on that eye, so he probably won't have a career in the jumpers.  lol Which, let's be fair, I wasn't expecting one!

Three days into a fairly aggressive treatment, he's actually looking pretty good.  He's not acting like he can't see at all, although it's definitely clear that he's not seeing perfectly.  The cloudiness in his right eye is pretty much gone.  And his cataract is shrinking.
Only half-full of milk now...

I kind of feel like I should be more stressed by this than I am, but... let's be honest here: I bought this horse knowing that there was a 50% chance he would be night-blind, which requires certain accommodations.  Having to make similar "certain accommodations" for a horse with blurry vision in one eye isn't all that different.  It's annoying, sure, but it's not the stressful event it could be.

...That said, I did march my happy ass out to the pasture to make sure Cessa wasn't showing symptoms either.  lol
Team skeptical FTW.


  1. Wow that's kinda crazy - glad he's responding well to treatment tho! Eye issues are the pits, ugh

    1. Weirdly, aside from the vision issues, he doesn't seem all that bothered. (Not much bothers him, though! lol) We're all hopeful that as quickly as they've responded to the drugs, this will clear up in a week or so.

  2. I cannot believe how calm and rational you are being about this. I'm slightly freaked out just reading it! Fingers crossed for a "best case" scenario. NOT the call you want to get from your BO, for sure.

    1. lol I honestly think my (non-horsey) husband is more freaked out about it than I am. I... it's not ideal? I'd prefer it hadn't happened? I really, really hope it clears up and he can see just fine. But I literally can do nothing about it except wait and see; I trust my BOs to get the meds into him, and he's not a super-reactive horse that I think is going to be freaked out all the time if he doesn't recover all of his vision. (Seriously, one of the BOs basically said, "He just kind of stared at you if you flailed in his face BEFORE, so it's... kind of hard to test how much vision he actually has.") It does help that one of the BOs is a former vet tech who is about as concerned as I am; if she freaks out, then I KNOW we have a problem!