Saturday, July 29, 2017


Well, now I'm less calm about the eye thing.

Today was farrier day, and Justice was losing his shit because he's become completely dependent on his half-sister - who also can't see well - and wholly buddy-bound.  They ended up having to drug him to get his feet rasped.

We've also had what was either a relapse (possible) or a re-infection (equally possible) that's hit Justice again and now has hit the other half-sister.  The cataract in the left eye is smaller, but still pretty big, and the cloudy is back in the right eye.  They've been pulled up to the barn for now and are back on drugs after finishing their course of stuff last week.

How much he can see remains an open question.  He can clearly sometimes see something - but other times, it's like he can't see at all.  When he was freaking out because his buddy wasn't in the stall anymore, he was running into shit like crazy and really kind of freaking me out - even while I had him haltered and was talking to him.  Now, this was in the barn, which is dark, so maybe that was part of it?  And some of it may just be buddy sourness stealing his brain.  I don't know.  And I'm torn if the worst part is not knowing or not being able to explain that it's ok.

Sooo... yeah.  The calm was nice while it lasted.

Oh, and just to make my week better, I tried to murder my ankle and the temperature today looked like this:


  1. That is really scary :( I hope the drugs do the trick and his vision improves.

    1. I hope so too. I'm going to see if I can't work on the buddy bound thing a little and see if I can't convince him that no, really, humans know what they're doing and you'll get to go back in a bit; getting him calmer in that situation should make it less freaky for the human. :/ He can't live with her forever...

    2. Yes. That's a frustrating thing to have to deal with.