Tuesday, March 6, 2018

All quiet on this front. And wet. Did I mention wet?

Ah, Texas.  Gotta love the weather - or move far, far away.

After an unusually dry winter, suddenly we had this:
Three of those limbs should be way up in the sky.
Yes, that's a solid 1/8" ice on those tree limbs.  Something - sixth sense? - told me that morning when I came back from an errand, Don't park in the driveway.  Don't do it.  It's not a good idea.

See that pavement to the left of the tree?  Yeah, that's the driveway, where my car would have been.

So thank you, random sixth sense!

This was one of the weirder ice storms we've had; everything not on the ground froze over.  The ground, however, was too warm - it was 70 the day before, because Texas - so all the roads were was wet.

The next day, it was in the 60s.

It then rained for five days.  And not a little rain.  Depending on where you were, you got 5-8 inches of rain.

Two days of dry, and then it rained again.  Depending on your location, you got another 2 to 5 inches.

Another couple of days, and then more rain.

This past Friday, BO#2 and I had the following conversation, which I think sums up most of February nicely:

But there's good news!

Someone is penciled in for pony boot camp, starting the end of this month!

She looks thrilled.
Now all I have to do is...

Thank you, autocorrect.
You know, make my horse look respectable by removing the giant-ass bramble from her tail while trying not to laugh like Muttley.