Tuesday, July 17, 2018

The surface of the sun

Things are quiet around here right now, and there's a reason for that.

Well, isn't that sublime...
"Barn time" has kiiiinda turned into "if we convene before noon, we might do something horsey, but if we don't, there is now a pool next to the arena, if you actually want to be out in the sun."  And none of us are morning people.

On vet day, I got a text to the effect of, "No weird breathing while your mare was running around being an idiot, so I'm saving you the money."  And sure enough, Cessa was back to her normal self the next weekend, so whatever sinus gunk she had going on cleared up nicely.  Since then, I've... fed her cookies a few times.  If she came up to the fence.  Because we are living on the surface of the sun right now, and screw walking across 30 acres just to say hi. lol

Laz graduated from his beginner obedience class!  Still needs some work on things like attention span and listening 100% of the time and not just 10% of the time, so we're going to work on that and see about introducing him to ranch dogs.  :)
Happy dog did not like wearing the hat, but setting it on him was fine.

I have also now had my first contact with someone convinced that pits are evil, so... that was... an annoying thing that happened.  In my neighborhood, even, and at a house we regularly walk past, so thanks, dickface.  I wanted to hear about how you think my never-met-a-stranger dog is going to kill and eat other dogs and children.  Thaaaanks.