Saturday, October 13, 2018

So there's this guy with a boat, right...

Seriously.  It's gonna be a long winter if we spend all of it with me riding one weekend (in this case, last weekend) and then unable to ride for two weeks because it's raining from Thursday/Friday until Monday/Tuesday.  The forecast for this weekend is five to seven inches... again.

I mean, the good news is that every time I ride, we figure out that we need less tack?  On advice from one of the BOs, we're going to try a simple French link D-ring next time, so good-bye weird, floppy Western bit!

Also, please allow me to present a crappy drawing to illustrate why we cut my mare's entire mane off.
Yes, that's right - we had the trifecta of "multiple fairy knots tied together into massive dreadlocks," "partially rubbed out mane," and "what the fuck, that piece of mane is like 2 inches long and standing straight up."


  1. That diagram would end in roaching for me...

    The weather here sucks this year too :(

    1. We did scissor-roaching instead of clippers, because she's a PITA about clippers, but yeah. If she hadn't had the 2 inch mohawk, I might've tried to save it... but two inches is not enough!