Tuesday, December 4, 2018

Fall? Winter? Who knows!

'Tis the season of "is it worth it to drive to the barn?"

And it's been worth it a few times.  I mean, I got blackmail pictures:
Very cute
The side-eye on this one cracks me up.
She puts up with me... lol
I also made it out to chat with the vet about Cessa's loud breathing issue, since she's done it a couple of times at slower than trot/canter (which she was doing at the trainer's).  We'd put it off then because she had a cold shortly after she came home, so we were thinking maybe she was brewing something. Not so much this time, so... vet.

Turns out, fat mare has allergies. Like her human. (I thought it was "look like your pet" not "share medical conditions with your pet..." lol)

We knew she had some allergies; she gets some thin/balding patches when she sheds.  Because of that, we're falling down on the side of "more allergy issues" rather than "heaves" - per the vet, who said they're related, but since we knew about the balding... allergies was more likely.

Step one is putting Vicks on her nose to see if that helps her breathe better.  (It will definitely help me breathe better, as I discovered this weekend when I tried it out and discovered that she does not give a shit as long as there are cookies involved.)  And if that doesn't work, we move up to something stronger until we find where she needs to be to be comfortable.

lol Just... maybe stop short of the full on "let's flush her sinuses and lungs."  As I told the vet, we're talking about a 13 year old broodmare whose job is to have a few more babies and cart me around once a week or so.  We might go as far as to do a Training-level dressage test.  We might jump as high as two whole feet.  She might have to work an entire day someday - terrible, I know.  Comfortable is where we're aiming.  Dumping thousands into her so we can continue a high-performance career?  Nnnnot so much.