Sunday, June 16, 2019

Another lovely boy

Well, this summer may turn out to be "let's bathe the ponies and take pictures instead of ride" until September or so.  I don't mind too much, though - collecting my horse from the back end of the 30 acre farm in 80-90 degree weather with 50-80% humidity is... it's not pleasant when no part of the walk is shaded.  It's just not.  I pretty much drive past that end of the farm and make sure my horse is alive and call it good. LOL

Anyway... on to some pictures!  This young stallion is the son of my BOs' best broodmare and full brother to her daughter.

...He also knows where the camera is and what it's about. This is literally the closest I've got to an outtake (other than a few blurry ones where my focus went wonky):
Can we be done now? Please?
And we had a friend!