Friday, October 25, 2019


Still not a lot of news on the me riding front - fat mare is still fat, weather and allergies still kicking lots of ass and taking lots of names - but the young stallions my BOs own are starting to get out and about.  We've attended a couple of local playdays where one of the boys was out competing.

Well.  Ok.  Competing might be a strong word.  The first one - his first playday - he was dead last in everything, with runs somewhere around 3-4 times as long as the winners. lol But he's trying!  He's getting better at it!

The usual format for these playdays is poles (which we keep missing), barrels, spur (run through cones on one side of the arena, loop around a pole, run out through cones on the other side), and the bootlace.  I'm pretty convinced that the bootlace is evil. Or the organizers are, because they put it last so all the horses are used to sprinting back to start after spinning around things.
Look at this thing.
It's a fun chance to practice some photography skills, though!

One day, I will figure out why sometimes his spots are purple when I take pictures.

I love the dust on this one.

Scary stallion coming through, y'all.

I was cracking up when I was editing this one - you'd never know she did the entire pattern in a beautiful hunter lope.


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    1. It is! Hopefully in the spring, we'll all be fit enough to actually ride too and not just spectate. :)