Tuesday, September 29, 2020

School Photos

Am I allowed to call them school photos when I go up to the barn specifically to take pictures of my baby horse before she goes away to the trainer for 2 months of baby boot camp (aka "please make sure this baby is a Good Citizen and has all the groundwork skills she's gonna need as an adult" training)?

Third time wearing a halter, maybe? She is too big for weanling halters and too small for yearling halters.  (She is six months old, help. lol)

Cannot get over how adult she looks.  Aside from the silly baby mane, that is.

Not impressed with a) being haltered and b) being dewormed.

In other news, Cessa impressed the vet.

With how much weight she'd put back on.

In a pasture that's mostly weeds.


At least she comes when called...?

Things are otherwise pretty quiet here.  I go up every few weeks and poke at the ponies and my barn friends.  Then I come home and continue my regimen of "not going very many places, because plague."

At least the dog is happy we're home?  And hey, he managed not to damage his face in August, which means he's now gone... one out of three Augusts we've had him without requiring an emergency vet visit...

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