Wednesday, November 18, 2020

Still hanging in there

Things continue to be pretty quiet here; between the virus and the wacky weather (ah, yes, fall in Texas, where Mother Nature is either drunk or on a roller coaster), I get out every other week or so to check on the beasties.

Cessa has put weight back on in the pasture; literally everyone in the pasture is fat right now, but the vet thinks it's likely she's got a mild metabolic issue going on.  So spring will be dry lot time, much as I'm sure she's going to love that...

But sometimes she's the cuddliest

Dispatches from trainer-land say that Dragon's doing just fine in baby boot camp, and has learned such exciting things as leading, standing tied, standing tied at the trailer, hanging out in the trailer, etc.

Yesterday was baby's first face wound. Also baby's first fly mask. She is clearly enthusiastic. (I cannot stop giggling at the look on her face...)

Trainer also says that my giant-ass baby is continuing to get taller.  Like... at 8 months old, I have photo proof that she's as tall as a QH/Cream Draft cross.  She is doing a pretty good job of filling a stock trailer, too.

Why are you so big already? Slow down!

So... uh.  Anybody know where to find a good four-step mounting block?  Or... I dunno... ladders suitable for mounting from?


  1. omg that pic with "baby's first fly mask" -- what an expression haha!

    also re: for a big stable mounting block, your best bet is honestly diy. pre-made stuff on the market is either too small or too exorbitantly priced or too unstable (at least, imo)

    1. Yeah, that's kind of what I was thinking. I just keep hoping - I swear I've seen a plastic four-step somewhere!