Sunday, January 3, 2021

The pictures that didn't make it into my last post

So it looks like Blogger is still being a pain, as it was in my last post, but this time I'm much less annoyed with the universe.

One festive Dragon:

Someone did not give a crap that I stuck a hat on her ear.  "Sure, whatever."

 Two comparison photos:

Justice, about 15 months old

Dragon, 9 months old

And some bonus photos!

Dragon's uncle (dam's full brother) doing a holiday event in early December. Most of the other stuff that day was canceled; the second round was two weeks later, very little was canceled, and we opted not to go take pictures, even though it was outside. He did great - stood still for kids and non-horsey people (including a wheelchair), didn't mess with the mares he was in company with, didn't flinch at traffic.  Honestly, the worst thing he did was poop on the sidewalk and get a little fidgety after three hours, and he was not the only one ready to go home and use a restroom by that point!

Giant-ass 9 month old baby.  Who is butt-high because she is growing agaiiiin.

Outtake.  lol This is what happens when everyone forgot halters and decided to do an impromptu photo session... and all the baby wants to do is follow the photographer.

And lastly... the most ridiculous unicorn.  lol I'll have to dig up the mossy unicorn photo; I don't have either one of these on a wall anywhere, because they're frankly weird.

Please excuse the flash on the left-hand side.  I always feel a bit bad making fun of this thing - it looks sad, somehow, and someone clearly put a lot of effort into it.  But... um.  It's... yeah.

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